Kudlov, Moravian Hollywood

Trail begins Filmová 174
First object Baťa Film Studio
Vladimír Karfík, 1936
Public transport: Filmové ateliéry, točna (BUS 31), Filmové ateliéry (BUS 31)

Kudlov is located approximately 2.5 km southeast of the city of Zlín. The history of this small village dates back to the 16th century, when it was founded in the hilly terrain by settlers, who set up pastures for their cattle; most of the inhabitants subsisted mainly on agriculture. In 1937, the first film studio and a new residential area, Fabiánka, were built in the Kudlov area. Film studios and the residential zone continued to develop after the Second World War, when new laboratory buildings appeared and the complex expanded to its current form. Another housing estate managed by the Czechoslovak Film national enterprise was established within Fabiánka. The walk includes an individually designed residential area located around Filmová Street, and ends at the villa of the composer Zdeněk Liška, which was designed in 1959 by the architect Zdeněk Plesník. At a time of culminating socialist realism and the mass construction of large-capacity houses - also located in Fabiánka - this is an exceptional building following on from the villa construction of interwar Zlín.