Spiritual Zlín

Trail begins Štefánikova 3018
First object Evangelical Church
Vladimír Karfík, 1937
Public transport: Slovenská (TROL 1, 3, 9, 11, 12, 13, BUS 90)

The route presents major buildings representing the sacral architecture of the city of Zlín. In addition to the church of St. Philip and St. James connected with the oldest stage of the city's development, attention is also paid to the evangelical church, which is located in the newly-built Díly district according to the plans of the Baťa architect Vladimír Karfík. The route continues past the exceptional building of the chapel of St. Wenceslaus in Kudlov, in which František Lýdie Gahura combines foreign inspirations with the principles of Baťa's architecture. The monastery of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, standing just a few metres from the church of St. Philip and St. James, has not yet been examined in depth. It is an important realisation of the architect Miroslav Lorenc, who is the author of buildings important in characterising the city of Zlín. The last stop is the Forest Cemetery, which is still an excellent example of this progressive concept of burial. The author of the Zlín spiritual route is the historian David Valůšek, who, in addition to architectural description, significantly deals with contextual events that led to the construction of individual buildings. Thanks to this, a new perspective opens up on Zlín and its spiritual path.