The Family House of Adolf Zikmund

Date 1970–1973
Architect Adolf Zikmund
Code Z15
Address Žlebová 125, Zlín
Public transport Public transport: Vysoká mez (TROL 4, 5; BUS 35)
GPS 49.2351241789719, 17.67779696155432

The category of houses designed by architects for their own families is represented in Zlín by several examples. These include the house in Kudlov by František Lýdie Gahura and the family house of Vladimír Karfík, which was built as part of an international housing competition in 1935 in the Nad Ovčírnou district. A later example is a house from 1970, which the head of the department of the chief architect of the Gottwaldov agglomeration, Adolf Zikmund designed for his family in the Nivy district. This detached one-storey house with a flat roof is located in the northern part of the plot, a sloping terrain with a view of the entire city. The building faces south and east and has a simple, almost cubic shape, which is accentuated by a protruding terrace on the southeast corner. The building's horizontal composition is achieved through generous strip windows, a cornice lined with dark stained wood, and a similarly wide terrace made of exposed concrete. The rest of the building is made of face bricks. A simple artistic element is created by placing bricks on the shorter edge above windows, thus forming a window ledge. There are two apartment units inside the house: a single-room apartment at ground level, where there is also a workshop, boiler room, cellar and service rooms, with a staircase in the middle of the layout leading to the first floor. The second apartment is a four-room apartment with the bedroom area separated from the rest of the house by several steps due to shape of the terrain.
The south facing living room with a study extends to the terrace, overlooking not only the garden but also the city below. One of the most striking elements in the interior is the entrance area with a brick staircase and receding chimney vents. Face bricks also appear inside the living room, which is, besides the fireplace, dominated by a wooden coffered ceiling. Adolf Zikmund designed the house in harmony with the surrounding buildings; in the immediate vicinity there are the Baťa medical houses and also the villas of Miroslav Zikmund and Jiří Hanzelka. The materials used in exteriors and interiors can refer to Scandinavian architecture, which was a popular source of inspiration at the time. Similar elements - working with wooden cladding and face bricks - can be found in Zlín, for example, in the works of Svatopluk Sládeček the Elder and on objects built in the first stage of the Jižní Svahy housing estate. To this day, the house is in almost original condition; only garages were added in the lower part of the property and the windows were replaced.