Date 1965–1968
Architect Zdeněk Plesník
Code Z10
Address Štefánikova 167, Zlín
Public transport Public transport: Školní (TROL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13) Zlín, zimní lázně
GPS 49.2233483N, 17.6699531E

The design and engineering organisation Centroprojekt continued the tradition of the design and construction office of the Baťa company after its nationalisation. It focused on the construction of industry plants, especially those focusing on leather, footwear, textiles, engineering, glass, and ceramics production, and had a national and international scope. The work of groups of experts specialising in individual areas of construction was closely connected here, which enabled a comprehensive approach and cooperation with the architect.
Architect Zdeněk Plesník spent a substantial part of his life working for Centroprojekt. For his parent company, he designed an administrative building at the Kudlovská dam near the city centre, in collaboration with architects Karel Krčmář, Ivan Přikryl, and Oldřich Šlesinger. Plesník conceived the seat of this important design institute as a cube with a curtain wall. The seven-storey building with a square floor plan measuring 72 x 72 m has an inner atrium in its centre. The supporting structure is made of steel columns in a 6 x 6 metres modular grid; ceilings were made using the lift-slab method. The overhanging glass façade, which unites the entire building, is made of blue tinted insulated glass panels. The top floor, receding on all sides and covered by a flat roof, was added later as a superstructure. The emphasis was on the main entrance situated in the centre of the north façade. It is highlighted by a recessed lee, protruding staircase, and an awning, supported by pillars on both sides.
The building had open-plan offices, four almost-identical floors with workplaces for architects. On the third floor there was administration and social areas, a cinema, a dining room with cafeteria, a library and reading room, and meeting rooms. The building also contained a printing shop, copy shop, photo department, a promotion department, bookstore, archive, laboratories, workshops, garages and other technical operations. The interiors were designed by architect Eva Bánovská and were complemented by works of art. The uniform composition of the entrance area to the offices consisted of a low relief of slate cladding, a sculpture by Antonín Gajdušek (1968) and a glass etched stained glass "Projects" by Jan Gajdoš and Oldřich Šlesinger (1975).
The Centroprojekt building has become an important urban element in the vicinity of the city centre, successfully incorporated between the Collective House and the dam, whose surface reflects its silhouette. In Centroprojekt's immediate vicinity the Kooperativa insurance company building and a sports complex by architect Jiří Záhořák were added in 1997–1999. In the 1990s, the entrance hall and reception were modified and a new, disturbing soffit was added on the first floor, which interferes with the artworks. The building still serves the needs of the now-transformed company Centroprojekt and offers office spaces for other commercial entities. It has been protected since 1990 as part of the Zlín Heritage Zone.